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When most people gamble online, they tend to make a beeline for the casino brands that they have heard of. We suppose that this is fine, but an argument can be made for gambling at new casinos. In fact, in our opinion, new casinos offer a far better playing experience. Let us explain why. If you just want to find the best online casinos and start gambling right away, then click here for some of the best paying online casinos around.

Is it safe to play at new online casinos?

As long as you do your due diligence, no.

Every single country that allows online gambling will have some sort of licensing system in place. As long as an online casino has been fully licensed, then you will be protected when you gamble there. In fact, a licensed new casino is just as safe as gambling at a licensed established casino.

Better casino bonuses

If you have gambled at online casinos before, then you will be familiar with casino bonuses. It is a way for an online casino to lure brand new customers through their digital doors.

New online casinos tend to have better casino bonuses than established sites. This is because they do not have a reputation that they can lean on, so they need to rely on other marketing methods a little bit more to help attract brand new customers. Casino bonuses are probably one of the main ways that they accomplish this.

More casino games

Newer online casinos tend to have more casino games available.

When a lot of the more established casinos were being built, many of them signed contracts with some of the big casino game vendors (Microgaming, NetEnt, etc.). This meant that, barring exceptional circumstances, they couldn't offer that many games outside of the game vendors that they were contracted with. Sure, there would still be a selection of games, but many of them would be quite ‘similar'. This especially true when it comes to slot machines.

Brand new casinos haven't really fallen into this trap. Many of them have not signed exclusive contracts with casino game vendors. This means that they have a greater selection of games available and this, of course, means that you are more likely to find something unique when you gamble with a new online casino.

Better customer support

This is another way that new casinos stand out from the crowd in lieu of an extensive reputation in the industry. They know that if they offer quality customer service, this will get people talking about them and send customers through their door. Do not be surprised if brand-new online casinos offer some of the best customer service that you have ever experienced.

More features

Customers loathe change. This means that once online casinos have an established customer base, they tend to make slow and steady changes to their website. They do not go ‘all in' at the risk of alienating their current customers.

Since new casinos do not have an established customer base, they are not afraid of being experimental. In fact, new casinos have helped to pioneer features such as mobile gambling, live gambling, or even experimenting with games a little bit different from the norm.


If you are looking for a great place to gamble, then we highly encourage you to check out a couple of new online casinos. You will be surprised at just how brilliant many of them are. You just need to ensure that any place that you do head is licensed by the local gambling commission. 

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