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Common poker games are popular with players, along with mixed and specialty games that add diversity

Poker has different variations when it comes to what cards can be dealt, the betting rounds, and hand values. Most versions originated in the U.S. in the mid-20th century and include Countdown, Follow the Queen, and Stud and Draw Poker.

Common Types

The three most common types that you will find in poker rooms and casinos are Community Card, Stud, and Draw Poker. Community card poker is played in two variations, Omaha hold 'em and Texas hold 'em and involves a combination of shared face-up cards and hidden hands. Then we also have Stud Poker which includes multiple betting rounds over which players get both face-down and face-up cards. With Draw Poker, players get a complete hand which they can develop by way of drawing or replacing. It is less common in tournament play and at casinos and is usually played at home. Other draw games that you may come across include Four table, togel Singapore, Q-ball, Baduci, etc.

There are also some rule variations such as roll your own, a stripped deck, wild cards, and kill game. When players use a stripped deck, they get one card at a time. Wild cards can be used as well such as in the 7-card stud variant. Other variations are twist, high-low split, and lowball.

Mixed Games

The game can be played in a mixed format whereby the elements of two poker variations are combined. The most common mixed variety is H.O.R.S.E which combines Seven-card stud Eight-or-better, Seven-card stud, Razz, Omaha high-low, and Texas hold 'em. Mixed formats are also Ten Game Mix and Holdem Mixed.

Specialty Games

These are variations that have features and rules across different categories and are usually played at home. One example is Follow the Queen which is a type of a 7-card stud game. A wild-card is used here which is the card that is immediately exposed or dealt. High Chicago or Low Chicago are also game variations that can be incorporated in a stud game. With Low Chicago, the player to get half the pot is the one with the lowest spade while with High Chicago – the one with the highest spade. Other specialty formats that are worth mentioning include Guts, Billabong and Shanghai, Countdown, Kuhn poker, and Chinese poker. The latter is a 2-4 game whereby players aim to get increasing rank hands like 1 hand with 3 cards and 2 with 5 cards. Guts is not exactly a poker game but rather belongs to the same family, with hands of up to 3 cards. The game involves multiple betting rounds over which players choose to be out or in. Some variations are more like a theory problem than an actual game as is the case with Kuhn poker which is played with three cards only.

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