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Here is the list with the most frequently selected games via mega888 by the players in the 2020th year. See what the favorite game for the mobile gamblers was.

2020 is gone and probably most of you are more than just happy. Indeed, it was a tough year and it’s time to welcome some better things to happen in our life during the new 2021st year. But alongside all the negative collapses in the previous months, there were businesses that were not that affected. Take the mobile and traditional online desktop gambling. They did not just survive. Some of them even made huger profits.

Speaking of which, it was fun for us to discover which the top played casino games via mobile phones and tablets were. Check them out below, too:

  1. Slot games. The owners of mega888 app are totally in love with slot machines. And it seems that gambling on the go is described mainly as making a couple of spins while waiting for the bus or while being at a queue in the supermarket. Why not? You might even earn as much cash as your bill in the store would be in 5 minutes.
  2. Poker tournaments. Basically, gamblers do participate in them via mobile phones for one main reason – the tournaments are too long! Since no one knows when the tournament will end it means that eventually you might leave your home or go somewhere in an emergency. When having the poker table in your pocket – portable – you can play with no concerns at all.
  3. Lotteries. Lottery games are fun and wonderful in the internet basically because they save us time. Instead of visiting some local lottery department or to go the store again, you can instead buy an online lottery ticket. And to make this entire procedure even faster people are now more used to use their phones to do so.
  4. Blackjack. Practically, we do not actually have any explanation why the lovers of this game prefer to play it on a mobile device rather than on a desktop gadget. What we could suggest, though, is the fact that today’s Blackjack players are modern, young people with an affinity to innovations. These people usually prefer the latest iPhone smartphone rather than the retro PC at home.
  5. Last but not least we should also mention the Baccarat game. It is in the list with the top played mobile casino games for the previous 2020th year because the game, itself, has gained more popularity for the last couple of months. In all cases, many active players have turned to the game in the 2020th year and it is logical that a big part of them are mobile phone or tablet users rather than retro desktop players.

What about you? Which was your top casino game that you preferred to play on the go? Don’t forget to share with us!

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