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Have you ever heard of these cool stats related with togel sgp? Don’t hesitate to enrich your culture in the sphere of gambling and lotteries right away!

It costs you zero dollars to have fantasies about what you would do if you have the lucky lottery ticket in your pocket or if you have just hit the biggest jackpot in online togel sgp platform. However, the reality turns out to be quite different for the lottery winners. Some of them even claim that they had no expectations or plans for the win, while others dreamed about completely different things from what they have actually done after withdrawing the money from the online lottery game jackpot.

The stats, though, is what says the truth. And today we are going to talk about some of the top interesting stats regarding lottery winners. Check them out below:

  1. In case you want to turn to statistics as science to calculate your odd for a win in a lottery game, then we should say – your chance is 1 in 175 million. However, you know very well that there are certain facts which are not constants, but hence, affect your winning odd – such as the number of the lottery participants, the number of the paid winners, etc.
  2. New York is one of the most powerful regions (the state, we mean) when it comes to the total number of sold lottery tickets per month. If we have to count the tickets on an annual basis, some Asian countries can beat the state that never sleeps – Japan and many more.
  3. Mega Millions is an American lottery that is popular for the fact that it has given the largest ever jackpot. The winner got 656 million of USD. And by the way, that was not that quite long time ago, but in the middle of the 2012th year.
  4. The amount of the money from lotteries which hasn’t been claimed, although fallen, is nearly 800 million of USD per one year. The trend says that this amount increases progressively with each next year mainly because of the dramatic increase of the active lottery players who buy quite a lot of tickets.
  5. Who’s more addicted to lottery games – females or males? Although gambling as a whole has been determined as a male territory, there are plenty of games, including the lottery games that are more preferred by the girls. According to the statistics males play 11 days per month, whole the women have 18 active lottery days per each month.
  6. Who’s more addicted to lottery games – young or old people? In the past, the elder people used to be more attracted by lottery and bingo games. Today, though, when we can play them conveniently and directly from the comfort of our homes, people between 20 and 35-years old are the most active players in this specific gambling sphere.

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