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To win Bitcoin dice and every other Bitcoin casino game, you have to learn the strategies employed to win. Going in blind and assuming that your knowledge of the game is adequate would easily make you lose your games.

Martingale and Paroli (reverse Martingale) are the two most important strategies that will help you determine whether you should bet on a number that is higher or lower than your chance. And, these strategies are just as important as your mathematical knowledge of probabilities.

While Bitcoin dice remains the easiest and often the most rewarding games involving Bitcoin, you need always to employ a strategy that will protect your bankroll while ensuring that you win with the fewest possible number of dice rolls.

Before we look at these strategies, you should know that Bitcoin dice run on systems based on the blockchain technology. The probabilities of winning or losing are similar to what you should expect in the classic games of die but, as mentioned above, you have to choose whether the outcome of rolling the dice will be high or low.

To get your predictions right and to protect your finances learn these strategies:


Martingale is the most popular betting strategy, and its application is equally easy. To apply the Martingale system of betting, you need to increase your bets progressively when losing and you return to the original wager every time you win. First, you need to make a bet of a single unit, and if luck is on your side, you continue betting with the same amount. However, if you lose, you double the amount of the next bet. And, if you win again, you have to go back to the original amount you bet.

The system involving doubling up on losses means that you get to win back your loses. It is, however, risky if you are on a losing streak and it could easily bankrupt you.

If you are looking for a simple way to earn short-term profits and if you have control over the amount you are wagering, then you could employ this betting strategy. Know that this is a high-risk strategy and the risks exceed the rewards expected. So, you must have a large bankroll.

Paroli/ Reverse Martingale

This is another dice strategy. As the reverse of Martingale, Paroli involves doubling bets on losses only if you can double your next bet after winning. And, if you lose or even manage three wins consecutively, you can reset your bet amount. Paroli is preferable for low-risk players looking to take advantage of their lucky streaks. It works well because you don’t need a big bankroll. However, you must be on a winning streak to get any returns, and the winning streaks do not last long.

The other strategy you should learn is the D’Alembert betting system

Note: even with the best strategy, you should be careful when placing your bets on Bitcoin Dice. You should only play on websites that offer provably fair games. You should also set budget caps and stop when you reach the cap. Also, know your limits and don’t be the greedy player.

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