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Is e-sports that interesting as regular sports betting? Let us check out what aspects make e-sports betting unique. 

Punters always have an eye for something unique. If you are an avid sports punter, you must have also checked out the e-sports category available in almost all of the best casinos. You may have gone to the casino for online football betting, but this e-sports might have drawn your attention anyhow.

So, what are these e-sports games, and do they hold any excitement just as regular sports betting, or will they fall short of the excitement?

Let us check out the typical features of these e-sports categories. 

More than General Video Games

E-sports refers to video games where people play in teams and bet against each other. These are the regular video games that you play online on several platforms. These will not be a play at your pace game, and here you are playing, not just against the computer. You will form teams with other players sitting in remote locations from different servers. Then you fight against bots or computers and win. However, the catch is the possibility of earning rewards on winning, making these regular games as titles in e-sports. 

Types of E-Sports Games

This could range from FPS or First Person Shooter games like Counter Strike- Global Offensive or Call of Duty or Overwatch. You will also hear of the MOBA term that refers to Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, where you can find several like-minded people battling it out tooth and nail. 

There are heavy-duty tournaments and championships that everyone wants to enjoy. So you can watch just as people go on these missions with other players and fight other teams. These are battles that seem endless and can be very engaging. 

Know the Gameplay

This first-person shooting game would require you to know the storyline and bet. In addition, the people who love to predict the game’s outcome would need to observe the game for some time. The tournament hosting sites would also urge you to opt for simulator games like FIFA. These will also be a great alternative if you do not want to jump right in the tournament arena. 

E-sports Tournaments

Now, let us check the critical alternative of betting on e-sports- the tournaments. You will find these tournaments of games such as Dota 2, or League of Legends World Championship. How do these games give out prizes? The answer lies in the viewership at a time when the gamers play the title. 

The moment a casino rolls out the ad for the tournament, it gets sponsors and viewership. So, when a highly competitive game is on, the viewerships reach several million. Besides, this does not just mean inactive viewership. Instead, people here also bet, and even a small percentage would still mean a large total if you look from the casino’s point of view. 

There are pre-match bets that you can bet on before the game begins. You may also find live betting options in some casinos, and that adds to the thrill. You may bet on yourself too as you play and have great fun too. 

In short, e-sports betting has taken a flight since the last year, and we can see a significant rise in the upcoming days. 

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