Simplifying Significant Details of Baccarat

Simplified details of Baccarat allow you to understand the game and enjoy playing.


The word baccarat means zero and refers to the face cards numbering from two to ten. All of these cards have a face value of zero in the game of baccarat. Baccarat is a very popular European casino game and was introduced into the casinos in Nevada.

Baccarat is a very simple casino game:

            No decisions to make.

            Neither the players nor dealers require any skill to play the game.

            Players can sit at any of the seats available.

            Where a player sits does not affect the outcome of the game.

            Seats are numbered one through fifteen.

            Three dealers are available for each table.

            A dealer, known as the “caller” stands between seats 1 to 15. He manages the game with cards dealt from the “shoe.” A shoe is an automatic dealing device which holds shuffled cards in decks of six or eight for the dealer to use.

Each player takes a turn playing with the shoe. Each player must bet when holding the shoe. However, a player can decide not to bet and pass the shoe over to the next player. The caller takes the cards from the shoe and places the cards in the appropriate boxes. He then calls for another card to be played or declares a winner.

Players place their bets (chips) in the box with a number opposite their seat. The players bet on the player or the bank – the player or person who bets will win or lose an equal amount of money known as even money. In most baccarat games, bets can range from twenty dollars to two thousand dollars.

Having decided on a winner,  the two other dealers pay the winning bets and collect money from the losers. If the bank won, players who won their bet must pay a five percent commission on the amount they won. Therefore, if a player bet one hundred dollars on the bank and won, the player would owe five dollars to the house.


Cards, ace to nine have a value according to their face value. Tens and face cards have a value count of zero. Therefore, if the first two cards dealt are a jack and a two, the count would be two. If the cards are a 7 and a 6, the actual total would be 13, but would only count as three when the ten calculates the difference.

Any two cards played that have a face value when added together to be more than ten; ten must be subtracted. The amount that remains is the card count.


The rules of baccarat apply to all the casinos in the United States. Printed copies of the rules are made available to bettors wherever baccarat is played in a casino. The rules, meticulously followed by the dealers, and the players never challenge the rules.

The greatest value any baccarat hand can have is a total of nine. A two-card hand dealt with a total combination of nine is referred to as a “natural” and cannot possibly lose. Two cards dealt with a value of eight refers to as a natural. If both the player and the bank receive identical hands, this is known as a tie (or a standoff) – neither the bank of the player is declared a winner. No further cards can be dealt with a two-card draw if their total value is six or seven.

If a player is holding other two-card totals, the player and the bank will each receive another card at the discretion of the caller. The rules of the game allow the dealer to do the calling and therefore declare the outcome.

Players only need to understand how much they bet on each hand and if they wish to bet on the player’s side or the banker’s. In baccarat, the house edge stands out as the lowest in any of the casino games. The disadvantage to the player is only one point three percent. Some casinos permit ties to be bet on with a payoff of eight to one. However, the house edge in GCLUB Baccarat is fourteen percent.

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