Poker influencers to follow on Instagram

If you love poker and online gambling in pokerace99, don’t miss to follow these Instagram influencers. They have a lot to share with you.

Back in those days, when we used to want to stay up to date to the latest poker trends, we subscribed in poker forums. We also tried to improve our skills by hiring professional gurus or even attending poker classes.

But things change quite fast. Mainly because of the digital reality we live in. And we should not cry out our tears for those past days. On the contrary, we should thank that today there’s such a thing as internet gambling and websites like pokerace99 where we can play poker. Don’t forget that if it wasn’t the online poker industry, during the quarantine we could not play any games.

But this article is not about the lockdown. It’s time to let it go and move on. It’s always about moving on and being in a harmony with the latest trends. So if in past, we hired a poker guru to teach us, what about today?

Today, you can just follow some poker pros on the social networks. The influencer marketing has become very attractive not only for the business and the companies who try to promote their products. It has its value for the audience, too. Because those people on Instagram actually have a lot of professional tips to share with you, including about playing poker.

Don’t believe it? Well, as a matter of fact, Influencer has its poker audience and members, too. We have even prepared for you one amazing list with all the poker influencers and gurus to follow on Instagram. Check them out and click the follow button for each of their profiles, because they definitely have a lot to teach you and to make a better player from you:

  1. Fedor Holz. Don’t get confused with this young-looking boy face. This person actually has rich experience in the field and his bank account consists of more than 32 million of USD won from poker tournaments. Plus – Fedor has about 71 thousands of followers, so there must be a reason for so many people to trust him, right?
  2. Phil Hellmuth. This poker pro is famous for its record for most WSOP bracelet wins with 15 and that’s why he has even more followers than Holz. Nearly 80 thousands of people listen to his tips, because the guy prefers to go live and share a lot of his experience with you.
  3. Antonio Esfandiari. Although not being so generous with poker tips, it’s worth it to follow this guy. First of all, he’s the real image of the youngest poker generation. And Antonio is a very curious person to meet. The reason he shares mostly his journey among the wild nature is a good one to follow him, because thus, the Iranian player reminds you that poker must be for life, but not your entire life.

Follow these poker heroes as they are really intriguing and interesting for any gambling lover!

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