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New York hasn't reached the technological advances of its neighboring New Jersey by legalizing online poker. Will lawmakers see the light in 2020?

Is playing poker online legal in New York?  The simple answer is, no.  The reasons are not clear-cut. The response that is being supplied seems to be that it is a game of chance, even though the skill of a player could possibly play a fact in the outcome and any activity where someone stakes or puts something of value at risk based on the outcome of this chance, is illegal.  The only exceptions that are offered are the state’s lottery along with the land based, licensed casino facilities throughout New York, horse racing, the video lottery terminal operators, as well as any vender who may be licensed by New York’s Gaming Commission.

Poker is very popular in New York and can be played but not legally online.  There are several Native American land based casinos that hold live poker rooms as well as three from four commercial casinos that are now open within the state that provide poker.  These poker rooms within the casinos have actually proven to be the most thriving rooms within the casinos. 

It is not illegal for New York residents to play in other states or on offshore sites which is what a majority of the folks will do.  In this day and age of technology, people want to be able to take advantage of being able to play poker online within the comfort of their home. If New York won’t come into the new age, the citizens will find a place that has.  A few of the states in the United States have already done so including New Jersey, New York’s neighbor, as well as Nevada, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia.

The governor for New York has been fighting for the legalization and regulation of poker online within the state as have the lawmakers, and they have for the past several years.  The Native American landbased casinos are hardcore against the legalization for fear it may hinder their operation with people choosing to play from home and not going to the landbased facilities.  However, each time it moves through legislation it gets a little bit closer to passing.  The idea is that in 2020 it may have a shot at passing.

If legalized in New York, online poker has the likelihood of being very successful and profitable due to the potential volume of players.  Poker online would deem New York as a role model for states that may be strapped for cash because of its sheer size and the amount of influence that it holds. New York almost has a certain responsibility to legalize poker online.

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