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The idea of winning on almost every single pull can get intimidating at times. Learn more about loose slots and how they can maximize your profitability. 

If you have been playing online slots for a while, chances are you must have heard about loose slots. While most of the players are accustomed to the term, only a handful of them can distinguish the same. So in this section, we will discuss everything about loose slots and how to make a fortune out of them. 

Understanding the Difference: Loose and Tight Slots 

In layman’s terms, loose slots are online slots with an RTP of 95% or higher. That means, 95% of the time, the win goes in favor of the player. While the idea of a loose slot might seem intimidating at times, it can get tedious to find the right one. 

Now, just like loose slots, their counterpart also exists as well. Anything that has a win rate of 94% or lower is considered a tight slot. It can provide you with the relevant information to get started. Bear in mind. Variance is yet another determining factor that players should pay close attention to. 

For some slots, one might experience smaller frequent wins. On the contrary, you can only hit the jackpot every once in a while. So, based on your proficiency and level of expertise, you should always look into the category that suits you the most. 

Understand the Idea of Naked Pulls 

Among the best online slot casino Malaysia, it is essential to distinguish loose and tight slots from one another. And one of the significant determining factors is the naked pull. The idea is pretty simple. Once you have achieved a naked pullover several times, it’s time to quit the slot. It helps you to identify tight slots. 

Naked pull, as the name suggests, is when you start getting 0 hits on a now. It might be a pull of 5 or even 7 tries. Even when a slot has a hit ratio of 75%, you can still get the same. In other words, the random number generating algorithm used by the slot is not favorable to the players. 

Ultimate Deciding Factor: Hit Ratio Vs Payback Percentage

When you are trying to identify a loose slot, make sure you get your basics right. After all, you need to make some money and achieve profit at the end of the day. And this is where the two deciding factors, namely hit ratio and payback percentage, comes into play. 

For someone working on a constrained budget, always look for a slot with a higher hit ratio. It can provide you with all the rewards to keep on paying. If you are patient enough and want to hit the bullseye, a higher payback percentage is what you should look for. 

The Bottom Line 

Learning about loose slots throughout the content can be easier, but finding them has an entirely different story. With all the determining factors mentioned above, you can always find the right fit for you. Neither less to say, always look for an online slot that showcases payouts. It can help you in the long run. 

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