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Progressive jackpots may be unnerving, intimidating and overwhelming. Learn how they work to play games with progressive jackpots.

Jackpot is a special prize that is larger than the usual sums available as rewards at casinos, bingos, lotteries and other forms of gambling. A jackpot is typically available at tournaments or competitions. There are many land based casinos and online gaming sites that have jackpots available throughout the year. Some games are more commonly associated with jackpots. For instance, slots tend to have jackpots more frequently than other games. Poker, as an example, does not have a jackpot as such since the pot to be won is an accumulated amount as per the chips wagered by the participating players. Yet, there are championships and major poker events that have jackpots.

A progressive jackpot is slightly different from an ordinary one. Progressive jackpots accumulate the sums that have not been won over a period of time. Progressive jackpots are quite common on sites like 2BCasino. Let us consider a game of slot to illustrate how progressive jackpots work.

Imagine a slot machine with a jackpot of ten thousand coins. You can consider any currency you may be playing in. There is a time period allotted for this jackpot. It could be a day, one week or month, several weeks or months. A smaller jackpot is generally available for a shorter span of time. Large jackpots remain available for many months. In other words, progressive jackpots are played over several months, primarily since it is an accumulation of multiple jackpots.

The slot with a jackpot of ten thousand coins is tried by many players. People have winnings of different values but the jackpot is not claimed. The remaining amount that has not been won in the jackpot gets passed on and added to the subsequent jackpot. The original amount of the subsequent jackpot may be ten thousand coins or more. The subsequent amounts or values are usually at par or greater than the previous jackpots. If five thousand coins remained unclaimed in the first round, then it gets added to ten thousand coins or more for another jackpot phase. There can be two or several such phases of progressive jackpots. The ultimate jackpot may be worth millions or hundreds of millions, if the major prizes were not won in the various rounds played until the final time is up. The final time is usually several months or even a year after the game was initiated. Progressive jackpots are among the most rewarding games on 2BCasino.

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