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Online casinos have a great trend to attract customers and curious parties. There is no better way to attract a person, than by luring bonuses and rewards for doing a very simple task. Now, this β€œsimple task” ranges from registering and logging in for the first time, where the casino will show up great deposit bonus reward for a competitive percentage.

The competitive percentage bonus means how much money will be given back to the players without the casino barging any payouts from these games. With competition of various casinos across the globe getting prevalent, everybody is trying their best in giving the best competitive edge to the players and the percentage levels of casino bonuses allow fetching customers. So what is the main goal of a company intending to the customers? Why are casino bonuses so widespread and allows many signees to put forward an effort. The answers require significant clarifications.

Types of Casino Bonuses

Online Casino bonuses are broadly distinguished into two different types. They are:

  • No Deposit bonuses: No Deposit bonuses are perhaps the most common and talked about type of bonuses in the world of casino gaming. Almost, many of the modern-day casinos today, does gives out this type of bonuses commonly, which has a great plus point over the other forms. The concept is simple to understand, where the online casino will immediately deposit a specific amount of money in the account of the players, whether or not the players deposit the money in the first place. The striking feature of this form of deposit allows the players to have an extra money funds in their account, even before they start the next game rounds. These are like an extra added fund for opening an account with the site and the bonuses are mostly flexible to be used in almost all the games available to be played in the casino. In some popular online casinos of today, no deposit bonus appears in the form of free spins, which the players can use whenever they intend and that gives out abundant rewards regardless.
  • Deposit Bonuses: Much like the no deposit bonuses, this is the form, which requires the players to deposit some amount of money to the casino, right on the first stage itself. The rates depend from different casinos and the payout schemes as well. This is classified under two sub cases and the first one being free money bonuses, which will allow a basic bonus limit of a stipulated outcome. The other form is the percentage bonus, which will allow the deposit levels to be on a higher side. The second type is the most commonly accepted forms of bonuses and most of the modern day casinos prefer the step.

With casino bonus may look more like a gimmick for attracting customers, this is a great leap for all the newcomers, who might feel these bonuses to be a pre-start award in a sense to earn more rewards in the future.

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