What Does No Deposit Online Casino Bonus Mean?

No deposit bonuses are useful for beginners and intermediate players at online casinos.

There are a few types of bonuses available at online casinos. The most common type is a welcome bonus. This is typically available for new players. It is also known as a signup bonus. Whenever a new player signs up or registers and creates a profile, the online casino rewards it with a bonus. This bonus may or may not have any other criterion. Many online casinos offer a deposit bonus. This type of welcome bonus is available after a new player makes a deposit. The other type in this category is no deposit bonus. No deposit bonuses are available for new players, regardless of whether or not they put any money into the account.

What are No Deposit Bonuses?

A bonus is supposedly a reward following an action. A deposit bonus makes more sense given this definition. No deposit bonuses do not conform to this definition as they are available right after an account is created. No deposit bonuses have to be used as per the rules of the online casino. They may also be subjected to specific rules of a chosen game. For instance, free spins are only usable at slots. Not all slots may accept those free spins. Online casinos usually have a list of terms applicable for such no deposit bonuses.

Any bets or wagers secured as no deposit bonuses also have applicable rules. These bets may be accepted at poker, roulette, blackjack and other games. Online casinos have the right to restrict how these may be used. One of the things players must know about no deposit bonuses is that there is no monetary value in those free spins or bets. Unlike deposit bonuses, the free spins and bets available without putting in any money do not result in wins that can pay out a sum of cash. The wins are in kind, just as the bets or spins are.  

Importance of No Deposit Bonuses

Since no deposit bonuses do not pave the way for real winnings, many may wonder how they are of any utility at all. Free spins and other bets can be used to play some games, so one can get accustomed with the rules before risking real money. One can consider such free spins and bets as warming up exercises, stretching and testing their own skills before venturing into the real game.

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