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Poker dice is a relatively new game where players aim to tally up the most points by forming poker hands with five poker dice.  While this game is straightforward and simple, it can take some time for the new player to master.  However, it can be done, so here is brief rundown on what you need to know.

General Rules

Poker dice is a game that sees two players competing against each other.  The players alternate rolling the dice and hold any of the five they want keep for their point total.  The dice they initially discard are then rolled again.  The results yielded by the roll of the dice can either be scored on the scorecard as poker hands or single numbers.  Here is an example of how game play proceeds:

Let’s say you are player one and your first roll yields an ace, king, two jacks and a ten.  For the purpose of this example, you keep the two jacks and decide to roll the remaining three dice again and this time, yield four jacks and a queen.  At this point, you must decide where to total up your score.  In this scenario, you could fill in the Four-of-Kind box on the scoreboard, or mark the four points in the jacks section, both of which would give you a total of four points.  Once this is done, play is then passed off to the second player.  Player two completes the same steps and play continues this way until all 13 boxes on the scoreboard have been filled in.  Whoever scores the most points, wins the game.

Poker Dice Strategy

The highest score that can achieved in a game of poker dice is 56.  Keep in mind that winning is not always about scoring the most points, but beating the opposition.   For example, there may be times when playing it safe is the best option and others when your opponent has such an advantage that you simply try to maximize your score in hopes of getting lucky and pulling off an upset.  Although the maximum score is 56, the average score in poker dice is about 29 while 30 or more is considered good.  What this basically means is that it is very difficult to lose a game if you end up with 33 to 35 points.  However, if you are lucky enough to obtain the maximum score, must casinos reward you with a very generous payout.  Therefore, if the opportunity exists, go for it by all means.


Poker dice is such an extensive game that we have barely even scratched the surface here.   There are some games where you can apply the perfect strategy and the dice just will not roll your way.  Likewise, there are others in which no matter how many bad decisions you make, the dice combinations tend to favor you.  The key is to learn the basic strategies of the game and stick to them.  If you can do this and remain mindful of the odds, there is a great chance that you will fare well over time.

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