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Gambling involves the wagering of money on an event in anticipation of correctly predicting the outcome and winning the bet.

Reasons for gambling

To have fun.

Sometimes winning is secondary to the thrill of the game, it is more about the excitement, the ups and downs experienced, the adrenaline surge, these factors may be enough to get the player totally hooked on the game. Compulsive gamblers fall into this category and they are seldom winners.

To earn money.

There are skilled people out there that make a very good living from gambling but they are a very small minority. As a general rule gambling should be regarded as a recreational endeavour and not as a reliable method of earning money, especially if the player can ill afford any losses.

I feel lucky.

Many people will gamble simply because they are feeling lucky, buying lottery tickets, playing slot machines or bingo just on impulse. Why not?


People sometimes feel bored with a humdrum existence and will pay a visit to a casino, bingo hall or betting shop to provide a temporary escape from the reality of daily life, again, why not?

Most of us just want to enjoy a gamble on whatever sport we are particularly interested in, with the expectation of coming out ahead.

What makes a good gambler?

Experience, patience and a bit of lady luck are the three main attributes.

The golden rule is to stay within your budget – Do not bet more than you can afford.

After you have decided which type of game you are going to play, learn the rules and read up on hints, tips and strategies.

Many sites allow you to practice by playing without using real money, take advantage of this and get used to the way the game is played.

Develop a game plan while you gain experience, then when you start gambling for real, stick to your game plan. You are more likely to come out on top in the long term.

Playing on a whim, changing tactics and ignoring your own strategy is less likely to result in success.

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